Monday, October 1, 2012

Schengen Trading

I just got back home after finishing my wonderful vacation in Costa Rica and I can't wait to go back in another visit there.

Right now I'm planning a new vacation in one of the Caribbean islands.

It might be Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands, I didn't decided yet. I'm wandering if it will beat by Costa Rica Vacation.

Anyway, today I decided to join a HYIP called Schengen Trading. This high yield investment program is offering five investment plans paying 4%-6% Daily For 30 days!

The minimum deposit accepted by Schengen Trading is only $1 making it very easy to test this HYIP.

This investment program was started more than 3 months ago and it still has a paying status on monitors.

I found two monitors showing a "not paying" status for this HYIP but also showing zero dollars at the invested amount so this mean that there is no deposit made by these monitors.

I'll keep you updated on my blog about how my online investments will evolve.