Friday, July 9, 2010

Acke World

I decided to invest in AckeWorld, a high yield investment program that looks very interesting.

AckeWorld has a professional design, a custom script and their domain name is registered until 2015.

With AckeWorld you can earn a fixed income of 0.2%. They say they're trading on Forex market and they offer managed forex account.

I invested a test deposit and I received a $100 bonus, the first 10 thousands members will receive a $100 bonus just for joining.

I've just received two payments from OffshorePrivatePlan and I'm looking for new places to invest.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fenix Trust

I invested in Fenix Trust, a promising HYIP in my opinion.

With Fenix Trust you can earn up to 0.8% daily or more because it offers a variable interest in addition to a fixed income.

This isn't a large ROI compared to other HYIPs but it could be a good investment opportunity.

The minimum deposit accepted by Fenix Trust is only $5.

I also got paid by Offshore Private Plan and Online Investment Fund.