Thursday, December 30, 2010

Club-Asteria Multi-Level Marketing Business

If you like MLM (Multi-level marketing), Network Marketing businesses then you will enjoy the program that I joined today. Club-Asteria is a global membership organization providing education and attractive business opportunities to its members.

Club-Asteria is the first MLM that I joined and I hope it will be a great business opportunity.

You can join Club-Asteria for FREE but you will have limited access to their features, you must buy a Silver membership or a Gold Membership at relatively cheap prices in order to have full access to their website.

The products offered by a Club-Asteria Silver, Gold membership includes: rebates and rewards at shopping mall, ebooks, traffic optimizer and web creation tools.

Club-Asteria pays 45% of their earnings to members as affiliate commissions and 30% as dividends to Silver and Gold members depending on how much Asterios each member accumulated.

Asterios are points or credits that are distributed on a weekly basis in a profit sharing system offered by Club-Asteria.

Club-Asteria offers three levels of Memberships, Free, Silver and Gold with the following costs and benefits:

Free Membership entitles Members to:
Receive their own self replicated website
Purchase products and services from Club-Asteria
Read the messages on Club-Asteria Global Forum
Purchase any one of Club-Asteria discounted shopping and travel products and 
Gain limited access to Club-Asteria educational tools and live webinars

Silver Membership of $9.95 per month entitles Members to:
Receive their own self replicated website
Purchase products and services fromClub-Asteria
Read and participate in Club-Asteria Global Forum
Purchase any one of Club-Asteria discounted shopping and travel products
Gain additional use, although still limited, of Club-Asteria educational library, live webinars and entrepreneurial programs
Earn commissions from Club-Asteria affiliate marketing programs
Earn income from Club-Asteria discounted shopping and travel program
Contribute and participate in Club-Asteria philanthropic and micro-finance / micro-credit programs, and
Participate in Club-Asteria Earn-a-Reward-Program to introduce new Members

Gold Membership of $19.95 per month entitles Members to :
Receive their own self-replicated website
Unlimited use of Club-Asteria educational library, live webinars and entrepreneurial programs
Access to CUMADA, Club-Asteria fully automated proprietary lead capture and marketing system
Access to Club-Asteria Library - 10,000 titles - all downloadable.
Benefit from our auto-marketing program for the marketing of Club-Asteria products and services
Earn commissions from Club-Asteria affiliate marketing programs
Receive an electronic e-wallet to manage and transfer funds
Earn income from Club-Asteria discounted shopping and travel program
Contribute and participate in Club-Asteria philanthropic and micro-finance / micro-credit programs
Share and contribute to Club-Asteria Forum
Participate in Club-Asteria Earn-a-Reward-Program to introduce new Members

Obviously, the Club-Asteria Gold Membership is the most attractive. You can subscribe using Alertpay, Solidtrustpay or CashX.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Forex Company Online

Forex Company Online is a very attractive high yield investment program with very profitable investment plans.

Investment plans in this one range from short term to perpetual ones with no expiry date. However it’s not just a simple matter of choosing the one you like best as the plan you find yourself in will be based on how much you are prepared to spend. The longer term plans being reserved for the bigger investors. Forex Company Online still has something for every budget though as you can join for only one single dollar.

The first of four available investment plans runs for 12 calendar days. Minimum investment is $1 and the maximum is an unusually conservative $100. It may not attract the bigger investors (I mean obviously it won’t!) but at least Hit-and-Runners shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Anyway, the plan makes daily interest payments of 1.15% which add up to a total of 13.8% profit on expiry. Your principal is then returned.Forex Company Online‘s second investment plan is $101 then it begins to look having a lot more mass appeal. But if you do want to go a bit further then you can earn 1.74% interest per dayfor a term of 26 calendar days and deposits between $101 and $1,000. Your total profit would add up to 45.24% by the time the plan expires, and your principal should then be returned.

For a more medium term investment Forex Company Online offer a plan that runsfor 52 calendar days. Interest payments are still made on a daily basis and are made at a rate of 1.96% per day. It’s a relatively expensive plan to join however with deposits ranging from a $1,001 minimum to a $2,000 maximum. Your principal will be returned on expiry in addition to the 101.92% interest you should have earned along the way.

The most intriguing plan is alas also the least affordable. For their final plan Forex Company Online are offering daily interest payments of 2.47% for an indefinite investment term. In other words just deposit once and continue to be paid every day for how ever long the program runs. There is no specific information that I can see in relation to withdrawing your principal from this plan so at this point I suggest you forget about that and just accept the payments. It’s probably a moot point for most of you anyway as the minimum investment is a steep $2001. If you can afford that then consider that it will take you 41 days to break even with everything else after that being pure profit. How long that goes on for is anyone’s guess, but the magic number we are hoping for is at least enough time to earn back the initial principal. After that everything’s a bonus, right? Maximum spend is $50,000.

Payment options are a bit limited and only include LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Nothing wrong with either of them like I’ve said before, and both are very convenient. In the event of any difficulties arising with receiving your interest payments however you should forget about asking either of them for any assistance. You’re on your own as far as refunds are concerned so use that information to at least remind you to keep your investments at a sensible and affordable level. Compounding, if you’re a fan, is also allowed.< Things improve on the security and side of things however, though I would say the actual design could do with some work. First of all on the good side Forex Company Online is hosted on a dedicated server by one of the very best hosting providers in the business – Dragonara. So it’s fair to say there will be few if any problems to speak of on that front. The website is also protected throughout with SSL encryption as verified by Thawte.< What I like most about Forex Company Online is their script which looks very genuine and customized to me and surely pretty secure. It also allows compounding which you can use if you want to increase your profits. There is a nice 3-minute long video presentation on the main page of the website which is allegedly involved in Forex trading (according to its name what else?).Forex Company Online also include an address in US (most likely virtual or serviced offices) and functioning phone numbers for the US (which I believe to be a call forwarding service) and Canada (toll-free) and for Europe. Otherwise you may e-mail the admin at the address provided directly or fill out your details on the support form and submit that.

Good as all that may be what the Forex Company Online website is sorely lacking is some kind of information or FAQ page. The admin risks being inundated with so many simple questions that could very easily be addressed in such a way. It would certainly ease the workload when it comes to support tickets, especially if the program becomes successful and attracts a lot of new members over the coming weeks or months.

A short but interesting three minute video presentation on the home page explains the business activities of Forex Company Online. As you no doubt deducted from the name, it is of course ForEx trading. To be honest though the video looks dubbed to me with the young man presenting it not really looking like he is saying exactly what is coming out of the speakers. Maybe I’m mistaken, but that’s certainly what it looks like to me. Though it does lend a certain air of professionalism to the website, adding an FAQ page would have been a lot more beneficial. There are some trading statements made available to back their claims up but I suggest you make sure you know exactly how to read these things before you accept them as an accurate reflection of how Forex Company Online really makes money. Otherwise proceed as you would with any online HYIP and base your deposit according to your own experience in this area and on what you think a realistic expectation would be.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orbis Trends

Today I make a test spent in OrbisTrends HYIP. This high yield investment program was started in May 2010 and investors are posting on different money making forums that their earnings are paid by OrbisTrends.

You can be paid up to 3.78% daily profit if you invest in OrbisTrends and you can use different e-currencies to deposit and withdraw your earnings.

The minimum deposit accepted is $1 and the maximum is $50000.

You can earn a 5% affiliate commission from your referrals.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Premium Gain

Do you like high risk? Then you should try to invest in short term HYIPs (high yield investment programs). I’ve invested in PremiumGain a HYIP offering a huge ROI (high return of investment).

PremiumGain offers 3 investment plans:
  • 106-128% after 1 day
  • 135-175% after 5 days
  • 180-350% after 10 days 
Payments are made instantly so this should be a cool HYIP.

My latest payments were received from Acke World and Fenix Trust.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NovaFX High Yield Investment Program

NovaFx is a HYIP that pays up to 280% return of investment.
The site is managed by a team of people who registered a company in New Zeeland taking care of all legal and financial aspects. You may also deposit using BankWires which in HYIP industry is not common and should be appreciated.
Behind NovaFx website there is a team of 4 people taking care of all the aspectes involved in running the business: Lucas Vanvoorden, Joseph Barrois, Benoit Vorsselmans and Claude Dert. You may find more about this persons by reading this page: Our Company.
They make profits by doing transactions in Forex (Foreign Exchange) markets since 2009. Nova 88 Limited is a registered company located in Auckland, New Zealand. Address of the company is 16 Titirangi Road, Auckland, New Zealand 0604 NZ.
There are 3 investment plans and one starter plan that I will not actually call it an investment plan as it is more a ‘TEST SPEND’ plan the profit beeing only 6% after 2 weeks period. On all plans besides STARTER PLAN the compouding feature is available. Use it wisely to increase your investment.
STARTER PLAN – If you are a newbie on the forex market and feeling a little bit skeptical about it, Nova 88 LTD has created the Starter Plan.0.4% Daily interest
Investment term : 15 days
Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
Minimal deposit is $20
Maximum $50 per deposit
Daily profit withdraw
Total Return: 106% (100% Principal + 6% Profit)
BASIC PLAN – If you are looking both for small returns and liquidity, the Basic Plan is a great investment opportunity for your short-term needs.1.4% Daily interest
Investment term : 140 days
Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
Minimal deposit is $20
Maximum $999 per deposit
Daily profit withdraw
Total Return: 196% (100% Principal + 96% Profit)
PROFESSIONAL PLAN – The Professional Plan is the perfect choice if you are looking for an attractive monthly profit in order to improve your family budget.1.7% Daily interest
Investment term : 140 days
Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
Minimal deposit is $1000
Maximum $2499 per deposit
Daily profit withdraw
Total Return: 238% (100% Principal + 138% Profit)
PREMIUM PLAN – If you are looking for high capital growth and are willing to make long-term investments, the Premium Plan is the perfect choice for you.2% Daily interest
Investment term : 140 days
Interest is paid on trading days (Monday to Friday)
Minimal deposit is $2500
Maximum $20000 per deposit
Daily profit withdraw
Total Return: 280% (100% Principal + 180% Profit)

Affiliates are rewarded with 5% affiliate commissions for each member that register and deposit using their unique referral link. The commissions rate (5%) is pretty good, nowadays seems to become a standard rate in the industry.
The management team created 7 banners in different sizes (468×60, 125×125, 160×600, 728×90 etc). Use this banners on forums or your personal blogs to advertise and get commissions.
NovaFX accepts a variety of payment processors for deposits and withdrawls. You may invest and get paid using AlertPay, SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and GlobalDigital Pay and Bank Wire. As you know from my previous reviews I like programs having accounts with AlertPay and SolidTrust Pay as this payment processors requires ID verfication from owner. Another nice feature is the posibility of making payments using bank transfers.
NovaFx is hosted on a dedicated server from ( / ) . Check the WHOIS details of the domain here: WHOIS DETAILS . NovaFx domain name is registered on May 20 2010 and expires in May 20 2012. A good sign is to see they registered the domain for more than standard procedure which is only one year.
Talking about security there are some features I have to mention: NovaFx use a SSL certificate provided by Comodo and the register, login and all account informations are handling over a secured protocol. BlackLotus is recognised as a trusted company when comes about DDOS protection so novafx should not have thins kind of problems.
On register and login pages you will notice that sensitive fields like passwords have a small virtual keyboard that you should use to enter the details. This is a nice feature and prevent keyloggers to get your details. Also this is a good moment to remind you that you should have an up to date antivirus solution installed on your computer.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Acke World

I decided to invest in AckeWorld, a high yield investment program that looks very interesting.

AckeWorld has a professional design, a custom script and their domain name is registered until 2015.

With AckeWorld you can earn a fixed income of 0.2%. They say they're trading on Forex market and they offer managed forex account.

I invested a test deposit and I received a $100 bonus, the first 10 thousands members will receive a $100 bonus just for joining.

I've just received two payments from OffshorePrivatePlan and I'm looking for new places to invest.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fenix Trust

I invested in Fenix Trust, a promising HYIP in my opinion.

With Fenix Trust you can earn up to 0.8% daily or more because it offers a variable interest in addition to a fixed income.

This isn't a large ROI compared to other HYIPs but it could be a good investment opportunity.

The minimum deposit accepted by Fenix Trust is only $5.

I also got paid by Offshore Private Plan and Online Investment Fund.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Offshore Private Plan

I decided to join OffshorePrivatePlan managed by Private Plan Group Ltd, a company incorporated in Seychelles. You can contact OffshorePrivatePlan by email or by phone at +1 (917) 675-4823.

OffshorePrivatePlan pays up to 2% daily profit and the minimum deposit is just $20.

OffshorePrivatePlan is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from BlackLotus and their domain name is registered until 2013. BlackLotus offers one of the best protection against DDoS attacks so you should find OffshorePrivatePlan website accessible always.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

News about HYIPs

I just want to tell you that I was not paid by AIM Trust, it seems like this HYIP is a SCAM.

This is all for now, I will come back with other news about HYIPs.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PanaMoney Technologies, Inc

Today I joined PanaMoney investment program, I hope is not too late.

PanaMoney is more than 1 year old, this can be a good thing but it can be a bad thing also. GeniusFunds lasted for a long time and I've made a little profit with it but in the end it was a Scam.

Well, I will see soon enough if PanaMoney is a good or a bad high yield investment program.

The postal address for this HYIP is PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H Panama City, Panama.

PanaMoney has eight investment plans:

  • Trial for deposits of $30-$49 will pay you up to 0.5% daily profit for 16 days.
  • Beginner for deposits of $50-$99 will pay you up to 1% daily profit for 100 days.
  • Standard for deposits of $100-$999 will pay you up to 1.3% daily profit for 180 days.
  • Intermediate for deposits of $1000-$4999 will pay you up to 1.6% daily profit for 180 days.
  • Advanced for deposits of $5000-$9999 will pay you up to 1.9% daily profit for 180 days.
  • Professional for deposits of $10000-$14999 will pay you up to 2.2% daily for 180 days.
  • Expert for deposits of $15000-$19999 will pay you up to 2.5% daily profit for 180 days.
  • VIP for deposits of $20000 or more will pay you up to 2.8% daily profit for 180 days.

Again, I hope I'm not too late joining PanaMoney after more than one year since it was launched.

HYIPs that paid me: Online Investment Fund, Infinitiva, Next Gen Market, Orion Capital Trust, Next Gen Profits.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HYIP Investment Guide

This is my online investing guide, about TIPS for investing online in HYIPs. From my experience, High Yield Investment Programs paying a 2% daily interest in average (1.5%-2.5%) last for a longer time and gives you the possibility to make important profits.

Almost all HYIPs are Scams in the end, so it’s very hard to decide where to invest. You should do your own Due Diligence, search online for any type of information about a specific investing program. Before investing a large amount you should test a HYIP with a small deposit to see if will pay you.

HYIPs - What are they?

HYIP is an acronym for "High Yield Investment Program". When we think of an investment program, we usually automatically get suspicious. High Yield Investment Programs have been around for a long time, but didn't really hit their peak of popularity until the internet came about. Now the owners of these high yield programs can start them up with basically no physical contact with their investors.

This means that they don't have to worry as much about any government intervention, such as taxes, SEC regulations, etc.

This however also means that they don't have to worry about doing anything legal. Probably about 99.9% of all online HYIPs are not being honest with you. The majority of these programs are Ponzi Schemes, named after Charles Ponzi who scammed millions from friends, family, and everyday people by creating a program that appeared to be a high yield investment. His program did not actually invest any of the money he collected. Instead it used the money from new investors to pay the returns to the initial investors.

Can You Make Money From HYIPs?

All in all the admin usually makes off with a large sum of money once he decides to close it down. However the initial investors, those who get in when the program first starts up, will also end up making a large sum of money. The legality of these types of programs are highly disputed. It is obviously illegal to own and operate a program of this type. As for the initial investors, as far as I know, there has never been a lawsuit put out against any of them. If they simply believed that they were investing in a legitimate program, it's difficult to prove any wrong doing.

There are literally tens of thousands of people online making money on HYIP's. There are actually people who make a living investing in these programs. It takes time to learn the ropes of HYIP investing, and most people lose money when they first start out.

Tips on how to make money with HYIPs

Ok, here are some tips that I have learned by simply reading forums, and investing myself.

Tip #1 - Don't fall for the "Extra" High Yield Investment Programs

Once you dig into HYIPs and find them, you will see there are various kinds of programs with various payout amounts. Some of the lower paying HYIPs pay as little as 0.1% Daily, while some promise returns as high as 1000% daily, and even higher! Now it's common sense that it is totally impossible to see returns of 1000% daily.

An example of this would be if you invested $100 into one of these programs which promised to pay you back $1000 the next day. Even the best traders in the world cannot make these kinds of profits on a consistant basis. I personally recommend limiting yourself to investing into only programs that pay 2-3% daily and less. These are the programs that will last the longest, and usually end up having administrators who are more patient (meaning they won't close up and run with the money as soon). I always feel that the lower the payout the better your chances for success when dealing with HYIPs.

Tip #2 - First in First Out

Since the majority of HYIPs are in fact Ponzi Schemes, this means that those investors who get in first will be the ones to see the most profits.

A mistake that I think too many people make when investing in HYIPs is that they use rating sites like these to find programs that have been paying out for a long time. Remember only 0.1% of online HYIPs are real investment programs, so this is an obvious mistake. Those programs that have been paying for a long time will usually be the ones to fail the soonest (not always the case but most of the time this is true).

Tip #3 - Professionalism is the Key:

When you are deciding which HYIP(s) you want to invest into, you should look at many aspects of the program's site. You will see some programs that have websites which look as if created by a 5-year-old, while you will also see some that appear to have invested thousands of dollars into their design and programming. It should be quite obvious that you want to invest in the programs that make themselves appear the most professional through their sites. The administrators of programs who plan to have a long lasting, stable lifespan, will usually take the time to make their site(s) look and feel the best.

Those admins who only want to take in as much money as possible before running usually will quickly put together a site that looks like crap.

Tip #4 - Evaluate the Programs Referral system

The majority of HYIPs now offer referral programs to their members. They usually offer a percentage back to the referrer of their referrals deposits. Most programs offer between 1-10% for referral bonuses. I believe that the programs with the lower referral bonuses are generally the programs that tend to last longer. However I also have found that a small referral bonus is better then no referral bonus at all, because it's those programs that end up getting the most investors. Again if the program is a Ponzi scheme, you want a program that will have a high number of investors.

Tip #5 - Due Dilligence is important but not as important as people make it out to be

Due Dilligence on a program is a very important procedure to perform when deciding on which programs to invest into. Due Dilligence also referred to as "DD" or “DDU" is the process of verifying a program. For example if an address is given by the owner of the investment, you should investigate and try and determine if this address is correct. If a phone number is provided, you should call it and see if you can actually get through to someone. Other forms of Due Dilligence would be:

  • Investigating the domain name used for the site. How long has it been registered for? Are the details on the registar correct? Can you contact the admin through those details? When was the domain name registered (in comparission to how long the admin says the program has been around for)?
  • Investigate the IP address used by the admin. This can be difficult to do, but you should be able to send the admin an email. When you get a response, you can view the header of his response to find the IP address that the email originated from. Determine if this IP address matches where the admin claims to be from.
  • Test the honesty of the admin. This is difficult to do as well, but you can do it by comparing things the admin says on his site to other details that you can dig up on him through his registration, IP address, etc.

All in all, Due Dilligence can help you determine the honesty and potential reliability of a programs' administrator. However most DD does not help from my experience. The main reason is that 99.9% of these programs are scams, thus DD doesn't prove anything. It is very simple for an admin to put an address on his site or domain registration to an office somewhere in the United States or even offshore. It is almost impossible for you to determine if in fact he/she works from that office or not, unless you were to pay him/her a visit.

As for telephone numbers, they are also useless in proving anything since any Joe Schmo can go out and purchase an untrackable pre-paid cell phone. Some of the most trusted programs were run by individuals who made themselves easily available to their investors. Charles Ponzi was one of them. In the end, it didn't matter how accurate their personal information was, because they ended up scamming the investors anyway.

Tip #6 - Get Your Initial "Seed" Investment Back ASAP

The trick to these Games/Investment programs are to get your initial spend (Seed Money) back as soon as you can. Once you do this, you are then playing with only profits, meaning no matter what happens, you can only win or break even. If a program offers a compounding option, do not choose this option until you have withdrawn your initial seed money. Compounding is a way that administrators keep their programs alive by keeping the money in the system rather then having to pay it back. Your goal is to get your initial spend back as soon as possible. Once this is done, then if you want to risk your profits by compounding them, go for it, as you can't lose.

Tip #7 - Be Smart and don't get Overly Excited about any One Particular Program

If it seems too good to be true, then it is. Don't put all your eggs in one basket thinking that this one program is your chance for financial freedom. Just because thousands of people are behind a program and believe every word the administration throws at them, doesn't mean that these thousands of people are right. Money does crazy things to people. Peoples dreams can fog their perception of what is real and what is bologny. If it was really possible for an admin to make 5% returns on a consistent daily basis, then why the hell would they be paying other people these returns when they could compound their own money and become a billionaire within a year?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NextGen Profits

NextGen Market lauched a new high yield investment program: NextGen Profits.

NextGen Market is a great investment program that paid all my withdrawal requests so NextGen Profits will also be a good HYIP in my opinion.

NextGen Profits offers 3 investment plans:
  • Standard Portfolio paying 2% daily for investments between $10 and $2,499.
  • Advanced Portfolio paying 2.5% daily for investments between $2,500 and $4,999.
  • Expert Portfolio paying 3% daily for investments between $5,000 and $20,000.
I also got paid by these programs: Online Investment Fund, Infinitiva and OrionCapital Trust.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

OrionCapital Trust

Today I invested a test deposit in OrionCapital-Trust.

OrionCapital-Trust is offering different investment plans:

  • up to 4.30% daily for 30 days
  • up to 1.30% daily for 90 days
  • up to 1.80% daily for 150 days

I invested in the 90 days plan.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Trade Group Inc

I invested in an online investment fund managed by Day Trade Group Inc. You can download their documents of incorporation and their investment prospectus by visiting their website at

You must admit that their domain name is great :) Online Investment Fund offers a daily and a weekly plan. I invested in the daily plan using Alertpay but they are also accepting deposits by Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney, Solidtrustpay and Strictpay.

Many programs turned into Scams at the beginning of 2010 so I am glad that I joined Online Investment Fund now, I think this HYIP could last for several years just like Geniusfunds. Online Investment Fund was launched online in April 2010 so it is a new hugh yield investment program.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Update

Many high yield investment programs turned into Scams.

Right now, only NextGenMarket, Infinitiva and AIM Trust are paying my earnings.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DRAGADOX high yield investment

I invested in a new program called DRAGADOX.

DRAGADOX offers access to four investment plans:

  • Starter Plan paying 1.6% daily for 150 business days for deposits between $10 and $1500.
  • Premium Plan paying 1.9% daily for 150 business days for deposits between $5001 and $5000.
  • Professional Plan paying 2.1% daily for 150 business days for deposits between $5001 and $20000.
  • Expert Plan paying 2.4% daily for 150 business days for deposits between $20001 and $50000.

Other programs that paid me are NextGenMarket and GrossFund. NextGenMarket is an AutoSurf and a HYIP in the same time. If you will purchase a VIP membership on NextGenMarket you will use this program as a regular HYIP, you will not need to surf for getting your daily profit.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Next Gen Market

I joined an interesting online investment program called: NextGenMarket.

They offer:
  • Earn up to 6% daily of your upgrade till you reach 150% return
  • Cost of share is $10
  • Get 10% affiliate commissions for all upgrades done by members from your downline. (Ex: If your affiliate is buying $300 worth of shares you get $30 that can be withdrawn right away)
  • Upgrade and get paid using LibertyReserve, STP, SP, AlertPAy and Perfect Money
  • 80% of all revenue shared to members
  • Advertise up to 5 websites in the rotator
  • Advertise unlimited banners or PTC ads
  • Withdraw earnings 3 times per week
  • Withdraw affiliate commissions right away

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gross Fund

First I want to announce you that Stable Interest is not paying me.

Today I decided to join a new HYIP and I've invested in Gross Fund.

Gross Funds has 3 investment plans:
Basic Fund
Interest Rate % : 1.2 - 1.8
Frequency : Daily
Investment Term : 210 days
Minimum Deposit : $10.00
Maximum Deposit : $999.00
Basic fund is ideal for investors having little to no investment experience. This fund pays a variable interest rate of 1.2-1.8% daily profit for 210 days.

Advanced Fund
Interest Rate % : 2.0
Frequency : Daily
Investment Term : 210 days
Minimum Deposit : $1000.00
Maximum Deposit : $12,000.00
Advanced Fund is suitable for more experienced investors and pays a 2.0% daily interest for 210 days.

Professional Fund
Interest Rate % : 2.4
Frequency : Daily
Investment Term : 210 days
Minimum Deposit : $13,000.00
Maximum Deposit : $50,000.00
With similar terms, the Professional Fund plays on a different level and as returns are commensurate with risk and investment, it does need better investment figures. Interest rate is 2.4% daily.
My last payments were received from AIM Trust and Infinitiva.