I invest online in HYIPs and I must say that these type of investment programs can be very profitable.

How do I invest in HYIPs? First of all I search online for attractive investment programs and then I join and deposit or leave at right time and I remember the "golden rule": do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

I don't make large deposits in in new hyips, first I make a test deposit of up to $100 too see if a program is serious and then if I'm satisfied with it I make larger deposits.

You may try your luck and investing in new programs introduced on my blog because I choose only the promising ones. Some new high yield investment programs will become very profitable long term HYIPs.

Old investment programs are usually better than new HYIPs but we should consider that even the best HYIPs may close some day even with a good past performance.

Don't invest all of your money in one HYIP or only in old investment programs, try to diversify, more programs new and old.

Don't trust paid monitoring sites because you will find there paid posters or accomplices of admins of HYIPs. Many scams pay these people but will never pay ordinary members like you. I must tell you the truth about a several scam hyip monitors. They deceive newbies with fake deposit and payment data on their monitor sites. Don't believe those cheaters, otherwise you will lose money.